YouTube Monetization refers to the process of turning your video content into revenue-producing assets for your business.

You don’t have to be big business to take advantage of this program.  In fact the top five YouTubers are regular folks like you and me!

YouTube Rankings based on Revenue for 2016:

1.  PewDiePie — 15 million.
2. Roman Atwood — $8 million.
3. Lilly Singh — $7.5 million.
4. Smosh — $7 million.
5. Rosanna Pansino — $6 million.

What made them successful?  How did they do it?

PewDiePie started by making videos of horror games and recording his reactions while playing.  Just look at what he does in this video to see what I’m talking about.

He has held the number one spot for several years doing what he does.  Apparently, 54 million people like it enough to subscribe to his channel.  He gets an average of 8 million views everyday.

Depending on what type of advertising was shown and clicked on his videos, he makes a low revenue of 3K and a high of 32K a day.  Pretty good, yes?

Roman Atwood does prank videos.  He likes using his son in his prank videos which to me is shocking but it’s kinda funny after you get over the initial shock.

What mom wouldn’t freak out from seeing her son “blow up” accidentally?  I totally shared her sentiments at the end of the video.

Lilly Singh is a comedic vlogger who likes to make parodies of her parents, and basically any one absurd enough to get in her way.  In this video she makes fun of a sexist guy who told her to “go make him a sandwich.”

Smosh does sketch comedies for a younger audience which would explain how their jokes are “juvenile”.  This is not a judgment but an assessment of the comedic taste of their target demographic.

Rosanna Pansino is a “nerdy baker” whose creations include “batman pizza, power ranger cookies, etc.”  She also creates videos of gaming videos that appeal to a younger audience.

What do they all have in common?

Personality.  They are goofy but funny and downright entertaining.  They are passionate about what they do.  Pewdiepie said that when he first started he would wake up in the morning and check his YouTube stats.  He got addicted to checking his numbers and figuring out how to get better numbers.

Obsessive about their content.  They publish content regularly.  Rosanna Pancino 454 videos in her channel!  It’s not a job to them.  They do the things they would normally do and talk about anyway.  They pull the pranks they would normally pull on their family and friends – but they make videos which extend their reach exponentially.

You, the audience, gets to join the ranks of their “poor” friends and family who have to witness all their silly stuff.

And apparently, on YouTube, that’s what makes money.

How to get started with Content

Before you even get started with the mechanics of creating a channel, the first thing you have to do is decide whether you have enough of a content base.

This means that you have a hobby that you are passionate about.  It is something you do all the time.  If you aren’t obsessed with this activity, you will find that your interest will decline and creating content will be a struggle.  That’s no fun.  If you’re not having fun, neither will your viewers.

How to get started on YouTube Monetization?

It is so easy nowadays with the explosion of cheap video solutions.  Just shoot a video using whatever cheap camera you have.  This is how the whole cats, dogs and baby videos phenomenon got started.  You won’t even need editing.

All you have to do is create a YouTube channel and upload the video.  You can add Monetization once you have a few videos and some views on them.  Rule of thumb is around 3-6 videos to start before you apply for Monetization.

You can look up the procedure online for applying for an AdSense account and adding it to your YouTube channel.

Even easier, you can download my free guide – which I personally tested.  I guarantee this procedure will work – or you can call me and yell at me (nicely, of course.)

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