funnelThis image is an appropriate metaphor for the process of attracting and creating customers.

Many people are interested and a few people buy.

Marketers and Sales People refer to this as “The Law of Numbers”.

They don’t become attached to what a specific person will do.  They quietly observe for buying signals and respond appropriately in order to close the sale.

Websites use the same concept

Since the owner is not there to observe and to manually close the sale, the website has to do all the heavy lifting.

An Online Marketing Funnel is a series of Web Pages that are designed to emulate the process of leading people through the steps until they become a customer.

When you think about this, it’s quite clever what people have come up with in order to gain Subscribers and|or create Customers.

Why Create a Funnel?

In this hectic world we currently have, your potential Customer is not always on your website.  They can can be in any of the many websites that are out there.

The job of a Funnel is to attract people’s attention away from what they are doing and proceed to your website.

How Should Your Funnel Look?

There is no one look that will fit everyone’s needs.  It really depends on the type of business you do and what your final intention might be.

If you’re building an email list, then your funnel can be as simple as two pages – one Landing Page to present the Lead Magnet which you will exchange for the email and one other page to thank them for signing up.

If your intention is to sell something, your funnel needs to be as long as it has to be in order to present the benefits and handle any objections that may happen to be in their minds.

A sales funnel is one of the more complicated pages to design, code and write copy for.

Anyone who is interested in Monetizing their website will be served well by learning more about this topic.