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YouTube Monetization – Top 5 YouTuber’s Strategies

YouTube Monetization refers to the process of turning your video content into revenue-producing assets for your business. You don't have to be big business to take advantage of this program.  In fact the top five YouTubers are regular folks like you and me! YouTube...

Do Landing Pages Need to be Fancy?

There are many Landing Page solutions being sold out there on the market today.  Finally, after so many years of being a "marketing secret", now every website owner knows they need one. But do you really have to pay a monthly fee just to own a Landing Page? Consider...

What is a Marketing Funnel?

This image is an appropriate metaphor for the process of attracting and creating customers. Many people are interested and a few people buy. Marketers and Sales People refer to this as "The Law of Numbers". They don't become attached to what a specific person will do....