locust eating harvest

We live in such a Technology-infested world that it is rapidly evolving into a plague.

It reminded me of the time in my youth in the Philippines when our town was attacked by a swarm of locusts that darkened the sky.  We all volunteered to help out the farmers whose livelihood was devastated by this event.  Although as a child, I rather enjoyed plucking locusts from the ripened rice plants.  I thought it was a game.

Why do I equate locusts and Marketing Tech?

Every move you make in your Marketing uses Technology that seems cheap but then the cost adds up.  It’s like small bites that when added together, take a big chunk out of your profits.

My research has shown that in order for business owners to move forward in their Marketing, they have to survive a gauntlet of software tools.

My mission is to help bring clarity and ease to this confusing marketplace.

Marketing is about asking the right questions.
Technology is never the answer – it is simply a means to an end.

WHAT does your target market want?
WHAT do they like to buy?
HOW do they like to buy?
WHERE are they so you can be there for them?

Even with all its pitfalls, Technology has made Marketing Research  so much faster.  The answers to these questions used to take an awful lot of time and money in the old days.

So I figured, if I can help you find and use the CORRECT TOOLS, then my mission is accomplished.

Try not to let Technology stop you from figuring out what makes your message work!  Subscribe now so I can share with you my findings.  I spend most of my every day studying Website Conversion and Monetization and finding out which Software works the best and the cheapest.

If I take the guess work out of the Technology part, will you give things a try?

🙂 Susan