Did you lose the admin password to your website?

It can happen!

For some reason my current client can’t find the email that was sent to him two years ago and he’s getting stressed out trying to find it in his massive email in-basket.

Can’t find it?  Just reset it!

This is a quick tutorial of how you (if you’re tech-savvy) can reset the admin password to save yourself time and aggravation.

Caveat:  You will be updating a core table in WordPress, so you have to be distraction-free when doing this.  Make zero mistakes!

By the way, all hackers already know this technique so no need to be worried that we’re giving them any new information.

What You Need:

You need the account login so you can have access to File Manager (if using cPanel) or the FTP login will also work so you can see the website folders.

Find the WP-CONFIG.PHP file.  Edit it so you can see the Database Name, the User Name, and User Password.

Open PHPmyAdmin and navigate to the Database Name.  Find the WP-USERS table.  The first entry is usually the Admin User.  However, check that User Status = 0.

Edit the table row by clicking on the pencil icon.  Edit user_pass and select MD5.

wp_users table2

Now you need to make a new password and encrypt it using MD5 hash.  You can go to http://www.md5online.org/md5-encrypt.html.

wp_users table3

Now click on GO to update the information.

Now you can go ahead and login to your website!