landing-pagesThere are many Landing Page solutions being sold out there on the market today.  Finally, after so many years of being a “marketing secret”, now every website owner knows they need one.

But do you really have to pay a monthly fee just to own a Landing Page?

Consider this:  If you use WordPress for your website, most themes already come with a Landing Page template.

All you need are a)  Words  b) an image that conveys the message  c) a Call to Action that invites the visitor to take action.


Click to see the landing page

Here’s an example of a very subtle Landing Page that does the job. is a multi-million dollar company that teaches website owners how to write copy.

Their landing page has NO photos and yet it has converted over 300K members.

What’s Really Important in a Landing Page?

The Offer.  The offer is its reason for existence.  You are either offering something in exchange for someone’s email or you are selling something.

The Headline or Title.  Your message has no chance of being read if the title does not catch their attention.  There is a whole science to creating catchy titles.

The Benefits.  If the reader stays on the page after reading the title then the next thing they will want is the answer to – What’s in it for them?  What are they going to get?

If you can keep them on the page by talking about the benefits, you can bet that their engagement is high. Conversion will depend on whether the offer is really meant for them and how clearly you explain how it will benefit them.

Getting a landing page to perform is a matter of testing its effectiveness and refining the message over time.  This is a fact that most good marketers know and they invest their time and effort into experimentation and fine-tuning.

Why do landing pages get so long?

Technically, the long landing pages should be called sales pages.  The author (mainly the copy writer) is trying to address all the concerns or objections that people have before they buy.

If the copy is successful in presenting the features and benefits at the right price while addressing all of the buyer’s concerns, then a Sale will happen.

You don’t have to build a long page in order to get a conversion.


Some products don’t need a lot of introduction, therefore the landing pages can be short.

If you are trying to sell something, then your page has to be long enough to get the job done.  There is no rule as to short or long. People who are interested in your product will consume what you have on the page when they are interested.

Why are some landing pages super-short?

Some offers are a “no-brainer” good value that it doesn’t make sense to say much more.

You’ve seen them!  The titles are so catchy and the offer is so yummy, that a visitor wants the offer and gives an email address.  Start making yours today.