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in order to trade in the market you need to be bold, be brilliant and have the bucks to do it.

– some elitist said a long time ago

It may have been true at one point but this is no longer true.

You don’t need to be bold.  

You can be chicken and still trade the stock market.

“Don’t be scared, take the goddamn trade, how are you going to make money if you don’t take the trade?” 

If you have traded before and made so many mistakes that you are now scared to do anything, you will find this comment from a YouTube mentor funny.

You don’t need to brilliant.

The strategies are common.  Buying low at support and selling high at resistance isn’t that hard.  You don’t need a sharp edge to win in the market.  You just need training, awareness, and discipline.

You don’t need a lot of bucks either.

Ross Cameron is a trading mentor on YouTube that talks about turning 500 dollars into one million dollars over three years.  I actually paid for his training membership site and found out that none of his own team members use his technique.  Only he can do it.  Good marketing though.

The truth is that with Ameritrade giving us FREE trades, you can take trend trades on any stock you like and still make decent money.   I think the million dollar carrot is a pipe dream for most beginning traders.  It’s nice to dream but don’t set yourself up for disappointment either.

What’s wrong with starting out by making $100 a day consistently?  

Consistency is the real basis for making money in the market.  Having the discipline to only take best trades that match your strategy.  Once you have established consistency then you can double your risk and make double the money.  Keep doubling it as you progress.  Then soon enough, one day you will have your million dollars.