Not so desirable way of embedding YouTube Videos into WordPress

WordPress natively supports embedding videos into its Post and Pages by allowing you to simply copy and paste the Video URL of the YouTube video you want.

However, it comes with a not-so ideal package deal of adding related videos when the video is done playing. If you’re linking to a YouTube video, this is something to watch out for because YouTube sharing DEFAULTS to this behavior.

If you want to see what happens then watch this video:

Correct way of embedding a YouTube Video into WordPress

This is a little bit more work but you will be much happier with the result. The video shows you the Step-by-Step procedure of how to get it done correctly.

If you’re using Vimeo

If you’re using Vimeo there is also an embed code that you can use the same way. Vimeo does not do related videos so you should be fine.

Adjusting the size of the video displayed on your post

While in TEXT mode, find the code you copied

and modify the width and height parameters of the video:

width=”853″ height=”480″

and change them according to how small or large you want it to display.

Using WordPress plugins

I’ve probably tried at least four plugins to embed YouTube Videos but then their Settings are just as complicated as the EMBED CODE you get from YouTube and none of the ones I tried address the RELATED VIDEOS problem

This is why I just recommend learning how to use the YouTube Embed Code instead.

Unless you’re embedding complicated YouTube Playlists into your WordPress blog, sticking to this technique should be sufficient for what you need.