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[fruitful_tab title=”Step 1. What Comment Spam Looks Like”]Akismet WordPress Plugin-What Comment Spam Looks Like[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 2. Download and Install Akismet. Sign up for an API Key”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Download and Install Akismet, Sign up for an API Key[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 3. Click on Get an Akismet Key”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Get an Akismet Key[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 4. Choose Personal Account”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Akismet-Choose Personal Account[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 5. Use Akismet for Free”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Use Akismet for Free[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 6. Type your name”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Type your name[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 7. What the Key Looks Like”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-What the Key Looks Like[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 8. Activate the Plugin. Activate your Account”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Activate the Plugin[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 9. Copy the Key from Your Account”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Copy the Key from Your Account[/fruitful_tab]
[fruitful_tab title=”Step 10. Paste the Key. Click on Use this Key.”] Akismet WordPress Plugin-Paste the Key[/fruitful_tab]

Akismet WordPress Plugin to Fight Spam