Bulls make money, Bears make money and hogs get slaughtered…

but Chickens peck at every opportunity and grow their nest egg.

Trends, Support and Resistance

If you are buying and selling stocks in the market without understanding these concepts then you are operating blindly.  Hope and Luck are not a reliable strategy in a market that is inherently volatile.

Waves and Chart Patterns

Stock prices do not go up or down vertically.  Price changes move in waves.  Learning these patterns will help you determine when to enter into or exit a trade.

Candlestick Chart Patterns

Gotta hand it to the Japanese for inventing this technique.  Japanese candlesticks have a very interesting history.  You can surmise the mood of the market by reading candlesticks.

Trading Strategies

Formulating your own strategy is far more powerful than copying someone else’s technique.  How you want to make money in the market will be influenced by your personal preferences towards risks and gains.

The Mathematics of Risk

Simple Math can be profound when applied to the art of preserving your account value as you learn how to trade in a risky environment.  No need to blow up your account before you learn!

Think or Swim: Must Know

“TOS” as we like to call it, is loaded with several features that can be mind-boggling to the beginner.  Here is a list of the essentials that you must know in order to get set up for trading.