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YouTube Monetization – Top 5 YouTuber’s Strategies

YouTube Monetization refers to the process of turning your video content into revenue-producing assets for your business. You don't have to be big business to take advantage of this program.  In fact the top five YouTubers are regular folks...

Do Landing Pages Need to be Fancy?

There are many Landing Page solutions being sold out there on the market today.  Finally, after so many years of being a "marketing secret", now every website owner knows they need one. But do you really have to pay a monthly fee just to own a Landing Page? Consider...

What is a Marketing Funnel?

This image is an appropriate metaphor for the process of attracting and creating customers. Many people are interested and a few people buy. Marketers and Sales People refer to this as "The Law of Numbers". They don't become attached to what a specific person will do....

Locked Out of your own Website?

Did you lose the admin password to your website? It can happen! For some reason my current client can't find the email that was sent to him two years ago and he's getting stressed out trying to find it in his massive email in-basket. Can't find it?  Just reset it!...

Anatomy of a Hack

Google warned me: THIS SITE MAY BE HACKED. I disregarded the warning and clicked on the website. A voice infiltrated my computer’s speakers. The woman was breathless, her voice honeyed. My instincts told me to run. Far and fast. These sorts of website visits rarely...

Recover from a Hack

There are many ways to accomplish the same outcome.  There can even be many debates on what is best practice for doing this.  However, getting hacked is an emergency, and there really isn't much time for debate when that happens. You want the quickest and best way to...

The Locust Plague – too much Technology

We live in such a Technology-infested world that it is rapidly evolving into a plague. It reminded me of the time in my youth in the Philippines when our town was attacked by a swarm of locusts that darkened the sky.  We all volunteered to help out the farmers whose...

Web Design Nightmares

Web Design Nightmares are more common than we think. Here are some Web Design Nightmares that have been experienced by consumers who have shelled out thousands of dollars to web designers who, for one reason or another, completely failed. Lacking the technical savvy...